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Department of Student Community Development


Contributing positively to your community is important both on and off campus. We strive to provide you with the tools you need to become the best community member you can be. From being a good neighbor, to voting and recycling, we are here to guide and educate!


Responsibilities of being a Good Community Member?

Good Neighbor Behavior

Introduce Yourself: Get to know your neighbors and exchange contact information. Invite them to contact you if they need anything, from shoveling help to a cup of sugar! Encourage them to reach out to address any concerns that arise.

Keeping it Clean: Be conscious of the local garbage and recycling schedule and request ample bins for each purpose from your landlord. Stay on top of trash presentation leading up to disposal to avoid pests getting access.

Cars and Guests: Limit guest count at any one time, and social gatherings, as a whole to avoid concerns related to behavior, noise, and street parking challenges.

Noise Control: Keep in mind the volume of your voices and music. Abide by local noise ordinances and avoid creating loud noises that may disturb your neighbors.


Your vote matters and can have an important impact on both local and federal elections. Make sure that you are registered to vote so that your voice is heard.

Register to Vote  

 This link will bring you to a page that provides more details about registering in Suffolk County

Find Your Polling Site  

This link will bring you to a page that indicates where you should go to vote on election days. This is specific to where you are registered. *If you need an absentee ballot you should be inquiring about this well in advance to ensure that your vote is counted! Click HERE for more information.*

Vote Everywhere

Vote Everywhere is Stony Brook University's Voter Engagement, Education, and Mobilization Master Plan

Trash/Recycling Removal

Check your local town and township website for details pertaining to trash and recycling expectations and dates. For your convenience, we've provided links below to the two townships in closest proximity to the campus.

Brookhaven Township

Smithtown Township  

Getting Around

Stony Brook commuter students make up nearly 50% of our campus population. With that said, not all commuters arrive to campus via the same mode of transportation. Some drive a personal vehicle, others walk or ride bikes, and plenty of commuter students utilize public transportation services.


Please note: We are not the Office of Transportation and Parking.