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Commuter Student Services & Off Campus Living


Social Host Law

It is illegal for anyone over the age of 18 who owns or rents a home to "knowingly allow the consumption of alcohol or alcoholic beverages by any minor" on the premises. The law also punishes any homeowner or tenant who learns that alcohol is being consumed by minors there and fails to take corrective action.

Suffolk County Social Host Law  

Stony Brook University's Good Samaritan Policy

The University's Good Samaritan Policy encourages students to call for help in an alcohol or other drug related emergency. Students may be reluctant to seek medical attention for themselves or others for incidents related to alcohol or other drug consumption due to fear of potential consequences of their own conduct. Under this policy, the student for whom assistance is sought and the bystander acting in good faith who discloses to University officials an incident of alcohol or drug use may not be subjected to University sanctions for violations of alcohol or drug policies.

Good Samaritan Policy

Red Watch Band Bystander Intervention Training


Your vote matters and can have an important impact on both local and federal elections. Make sure that you are registered to vote so that your voice is heard.

Register to Vote  

 This link will bring you to a page that provides more details about registering in Suffolk County

Find Your Polling Site  

This link will bring you to a page that indicates where you should go to vote on election days. This is specific to where you are registered. *If you need an absentee ballot you should be inquiring about this well in advance to ensure that your vote is counted! Click   HERE  for more information.*

Vote Everywhere

Vote Everywhere is Stony Brook University's Voter Engagement, Education, and Mobilization Master Plan

Trash/Recycling Removal

Check your local town and township website for details pertaining to trash and recycling expectations and dates. For your convenience, we've provided links below to the two townships in closest proximity to the campus.

Brookhaven Township

Smithtown Township  

Getting Around

Stony Brook commuter students make up nearly 50% of our campus population. With that said, not all commuters arrive to campus via the same mode of transportation. Some drive a personal vehicle, others walk or ride bikes, and plenty of commuter students utilize public transportation services.

Please note: We are not the   Office of Transportation and Parking.

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