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STRIDE logoInstitute for Advanced Computational Science (IACS)
Mailstop 5250
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-5250

PHONE: 631-632-4629
FAX: 631-632-4125


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STRIDE Faculty

Name Phone Email
Robert Harrison* 631-632-2347
Mónica Bugallo 631-632-8395
Liliana  Dávalos** 631-632-1554
Zhenhua Liu 631-632-7488
Heather Lynch**  631-632-2340
Jaymie Meliker 631-444-9396
Klaus Mueller 631-632-1524
Janet Nye** 631-632-3187
Christine O'Connell** 631-632-2130
Jason Trelewicz 631-632-2352
Laura Wehrmann 631-632-3769
Thomas Woodson 631-632-9974
 Erez Zadok 631-632-8461 
Minghua Zhang 631-632-8318 

 * Denotes Principal Investigator

** Denotes Co-Principal Investigator

Name Phone Email
Jennifer McCauley 631-632-2341