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C-STRIDE Advanced Graduate Certificate

C-STRIDE is a multidisciplinary advanced graduate certificate that will give you the interdisciplinary skills to assist, create, and eventually lead in the translation of complex data-enabled research into informed decisions and sound policies. The certificate requires a total of 15 credits from the following courses.

Students from the following departments are invited to join STRIDE:

Applied Math & Statistics
•Biomedical Informatics
•Computer Science
•Ecology & Evolution
•Electrical & Computer Engineering  
•Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
•Public Health  
Technology & Society 

If you do not see your department listed above and want to get involved with STRIDE, please send an email to STRIDE Program Coordinator, Jennifer McCauley.

Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science (3 credits, total)
JRN 503: Improvisation for Scientists - 1 credit
JRN 501: Distilling Your Message - 1 credit
JRN 513: Science of Science Communication - 1 credit 
JRN 511: Scientific Communication for Decision Makers* - 1 credit

*Changes as of Fall 2019: JRN 511 will no longer be offered. JRN 513: Science of Science Communication - 1 credit will replace JRN 511. 
JRN 565: Communicating Your Science - 3 credits
Statistics course - 3 credits
MAR 534: Scientific Decision Support - 1 credit
Elective in policy or applied science - 3 credits
CSE 564: Visualization - 3 credits
Seminar Electives (2 credits, total)
Elective in environment or energy - 1 credit
Elective in environment or energy - 1 credit 

To matriculate into the STRIDE certificate program, please complete the following form:  Permission to Enroll in Secondary Certificate. Please complete and submit to the Graduate School via email to, copying Jennifer McCauley on the email ( 

Students are encouraged to enroll into the certificate program as early as possible in their graduate studies in order to maximize the amount of courses that can fulfill dual requirements. 

You may utilize the STRIDE Course Completion Form to conveniently track which requirements you have met and which you still need to fulfill. 

If you have any questions about course requirements or general STRIDE-related questions or concerns, please contact Jennifer McCauley.

STRIDE Course Catalog