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Minghao Qiu

Assistant Professor



- Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Research Topics:

Air quality; Climate change impacts; Climate change and health; Energy and climate policy evaluations

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  • Bio/Research


    Joining SoMAS and the Program in Public Health in Fall 2024!

    My broad research interest is in environmental and energy policies with a global focus on issues involving air pollution, climate change, and energy transitions. Specifically, I study the interplay between air pollution and climate change, two critical environmental challenges for humanity in the coming decades. My research uses causal inference, machine learning, atmospheric chemistry modeling, remote sensing to study the sustainability challenges at the intersection of energy, pollution and climate using real-world data. My PhD research has spanned the electricity, industrial, and transportation sectors in China, US, and EU. From a methodology perspective, I am interested in developing data-driven approaches with insights from complex atmospheric chemistry models (such as GEOS-Chem) and understanding the uncertainty and limitations of econometric and statistical models in such application.

  • Publications


    Under review, submitted, in preparation

    Minghao Qiu, Jessica Li, Jeff Wen, Marissa Childs, Marshall Burke. Impacts of climate change on wildfire smoke exposure over the continental US at the census tract level. (in preparation)


    ^ denotes equal contribution

    Maja Schlüter, Christa Brelsford, Paul J Ferraro, Kirill Orach, Minghao Qiu, Martin D Smith. Unraveling complex causal processes that affect sustainability requires more integration between empirical and modeling approaches. accepted, PNAS

    Haitong Zhe Sun et al. Antagonism between ambient ozone increasing and urbanisation-oriented population migration on Chinese cardiopulmonary mortality. accepted, The Innovation

    Marshall Burke, Marissa L. Childs, Brandon de la Cuesta, Minghao Qiu, Jessica Li, Carlos F. Gould, Sam Heft-Neal, Michael Wara. Wildfire influence on recent US pollution trends. Nature, 2023 [pdf][preprint]

    Paul Picciano^, Minghao Qiu^, Sebastian Eastham,Mei Yuan, John Reilly, Noelle E. Selin. Air Quality-Related Equity Implications of U.S. Decarbonization Policy. Nature Communications, 2023 [pdf][preprint]

    Minghao Qiu, Nathan Ratledge, Ines Azevedo, Noah Diffenbaugh, Marshall Burke. Drought impacts on the electricity system, emissions, and air quality in the western US. PNAS, 2023 [pdf] [code&data] [preprint]

            Media:[Stanford News] [the Hill] [AGU Eos] [The Seattle Times] [New Scientist] [Grist]

    Minghao Qiu, Cory Zigler, Noelle Selin. Impacts of wind power on air quality, premature mortality and exposure disparities in the US. Science Advances, 2022 [pdf] [code&data]

            Media:[MIT News] [US News & World Report] [HealthDay] [The Verge]

    Marissa Childs, Jessica Li, Jeff Wen, Anne Driscoll, Sherrie Wang, Carlos Gould, Minghao Qiu, Jen Burney, Marshall Burke. Daily local-level estimates of ambient wildfire smoke PM2.5 for the contiguous US. Environmental Science & Technology, 2022

    [pdf] [code&data]

            Media:[NYT] [Guardian]

    Minghao Qiu, Cory Zigler, Noelle Selin. Statistical and machine learning methods for evaluating emissions reduction policies under changing meteorological conditions. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 2022 [pdf] [code&data]

    Minghao Qiu, Jens Borken-Kleefeld. Using snapshot measurements to identify high-emitting vehicles. Environmental Research Letters, 2022 [pdf] [code&data]

    Minghao Qiu^, Yangqin Weng^, Jing Cao, Noelle Selin, Valerie Karplus. Improving evaluation of energy policies with multiple goals: Comparing ex ante and ex post approaches. Environmental Science & Technology, 2020 [pdf] [code&data]

    Haozhe Yang, Wei Tao, Ying Liu, Minghao Qiu, Junfeng Liu, Kejun Jiang, Kan Yi, Yao Xiao, Shu Tao. The contribution of the Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei region’s iron and steel industry to local air pollution in winter. Environmental Pollution, 2018 [pdf]

    Kai Wei, Minghao Qiu, Rongfei Zhang, Liantong Zhou, Ting Zhang, Maosheng Yao, and Chunxiong Luo. Single Living yEast PM Toxicity Sensor (SLEPTor) System. Journal of Aerosol Science, 2017 [pdf]

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