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Evan R. Liblit Memorial Fund

To register for the 2022 Evan R. Liblit Memorial Scholarship Breakfast at the Irish Coffee Pub, please complete this form.


Many of us remember Evan Liblit as an innovator and teacher of recycling and waste management.

But Evan was a student as well. Always anxious to explore new technologies and techniques,liblit he quickly learned and understood that his field was subject to fiscal pressures, legislative compromise and the public’s willingness to cooperate.

Today’s students of environmental management face similar challenges and changes. Waste management in the new millennium will not only be subject to the same pressures of the last two decades, but new technologies will emerge and ever-changing regulation will attempt to address those changes.

In 1997, the State University at Stony Brook recognized Evan Liblit’s contributions to solid waste management and recycling, and established a memorial scholarship in his name. The Evan R. Liblit Memorial Fund will support graduate students at the SUNY Stony Brook Waste Reduction and Management Institute. The fund will be on-going and self-sustaining, and will benefit these students for years to come.

As a friend of the environment, please join with fellow Long Islanders and associates of Evan Liblit, and honor his memory by making this fund an important part of our region’s environmental future.

Ways to Give

Gifts may be made by check, money order or credit card. Checks and money orders should be made payable to the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences/SBF. The Center also accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover. To donate on-line please click here.

The Winners of the Liblit Memorial Scholarship are listed on an Undergraduate and Graduate Student plaques in the Endeavour Hall Lobby.

In conjunction with Stony Brook University – School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, the Evan R. Liblit Memorial Scholarship Fund Committee is pleased to announce “Waste on Wednesdays,” a six-part free webinar series focusing on a number of environmental issues impacting Long Island.

The management of solid waste generated on Long Island is an important issue and has significant ramifications on the economy and the environment.  Each seminar series will allow participants to learn about various solid waste and recycling issues across Long Island.  Topics will include the pending closure of the Brookhaven Landfill, recycling on Long Island, the management of organic waste, transportation issues, and waste to energy.  Plus, we will get the perspectives of local government and discuss what municipalities and companies are doing to meet these challenges.  The series will provide excellent insight and perspective, and will benefit all those who work in the fields of environmental protection, recycling, and waste management.  

Evan R. Liblit Memorial Scholarship Fund Annual Award Winners

For Their Excellence and Continued Support as Graduate Students of Recycling in New York State.

  • 1998 Margaret McArdle
  • 1999 Michael Ahrens
  • 2000 Aaron Rust
  • 2001 Ann Zulkosky
  • 2002 Teresa Mathews
  • 2003 Mark J. Benotti
  • 2004 Paula S. Rose
  • 2005 Christine O'Connell
  • 2006 Owen Doherty
  • 2007 Anne Cooper Ellefson
  • 2008 Brooke Rodgers
  • 2009 John C. Gondek
  • 2010 Cassandra Bauer
  • 2011 Konstantine Rountos
  • 2012 Krista Green
  • 2013 Natasha Gownaris
  • 2014 Kaitlin Willig
  • 2015 Ryan Wallace
  • 2016 Irvin Huang
  • 2017 Lori Clark
  • 2018 Karin Schweitzer
  • 2019 John Bohorquez
  • 2020 Lisa Crawford & Stephen Tomasetti
  • 2021 Griffin Walker
  • 2022 Alyson Lowell

Evan R. Liblit Memorial Scholarship Fund Undergraduate Award Winners

For Their Excellence and Continued Support as Undergraduate Students of Recycling in New York State.

  • 2008 Amandeep Parhar
  • 2009 John Botos
  • 2010 Deborah Aller
  • 2011 Eda Charmaine Gimenez
  • 2012 Rasheed Lucas
  • 2013 Marie Baietto
  • 2014 Moshan Chen
  • 2015 Emily Markowitz
  • 2016 Michelle Barbosa & Alfredo Esposito
  • 2017 Julia Petersen & Maria Grima
  • 2018 Claire Garfield & Courtney Stuart
  • 2019 Laura Osa & Kyle Walter
  • 2020 Sabrina Holsborg, Noor Hamden, & Kenny Rothwell
  • 2021 Myra Arshad & Kellianna Ticcony
  • 2022 Trinity Chen & Alex Casamassima

Evan R. Liblit Memorial Scholarship Fund Undergraduate Award Winners

For Their Excellence in academic achievement and who has demonstrated an interest in marine pollution, sustainability, policy or waste management.

  • 2022 Jessica Salmon