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Stony Brook Giving Day

We hope that you can support the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences on our mission and join us on Wednesday, April 27, 2022 for Stony Brook University’s Giving Day . This 24 hour online campaign offers a chance for everyone to come together, show their school pride, and provide indispensable funding to fuel further excellence. TOGETHER we can provide the best possible experience for our students!

At SoMAS, your gift can be directed to three specific goals:

Your gift to the New York State Center for Clean Water Technology will help fund our research to develop novel and affordable approaches for nutrient and contaminant removal from Long Island waters.

Your gift to the Gelfond Fund for Mercury Research and Outreach will fund research on pollutants cycling in our environment and the public health implications of pollutants in fish. Our work is at the intersection of environmental science and public health, and focuses on a variety of contaminants, including mercury.

Your gift to the LI Shore Coastal Observing System helps keep our observatories operating through gaps in government support, helping to serve science, emergency preparedness and the general public.






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