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Independent/Graduate/Professional Students - Establishing Residency

To be eligible for resident tuition in your second year, it is important that you take steps to make New York State your documented residence as soon as you arrive in New York . These steps include transferring your driver's license and vehicle registration to the State of New York, registering to vote in the State, and changing your address on file with your bank to your New York address. You should also keep a copy of your lease (or deed) for your residence.  In the absence of a lease, rent receipts should be obtained.  

Your New York State residency eligibility is based on your ability to demonstrate that you have taken steps to make New York your primary residence for the past year. In accordance with this policy, it is important that you take the outlined steps to document your New York residence immediately following your arrival in the State. Failure to do so could make you ineligible for resident tuition rates in your second year.   Your documentation must be transferred to New York immediately to ensure eligibility.

Graduate/Professional students are expected to complete this application as an independent student. As such,  it is important that you are not claimed as a dependent on any income tax filing , and that you file income taxes as a resident of the State of New York if you are required to file. If you had worked in a state other than New York, you must file as a part year resident of that state and use your New York home address on the return.

Independent students are totally responsible for paying all of their educational expenses. The amount of income claimed by the student must equal or exceed all educational expenses including those associated with non-university housing. Income may include financial aid received as an independent student. Loans or gifts from relatives, associates or friends, regardless of the terms are considered financial assistance and cannot be included as student income when determining self-support.

Additional factors relevant to financial independence include:

  • Employment on a full or part-time basis within New York State
  • Sources and extent of other income
  • Parent’s federal and state income tax forms which do not claim the student as a dependent (if the student continues to receive financial support, the student shall not be considered independent)
  • Independent filing by the student of federal or state income tax return
  • Student’s permanent address on tax returns
  • Student’s place of residence during the summer or other academic term recess
  • Student’s status as financially independent for purposes of federal and/or state financial assistance
  • Proof of all assets and bank account

Students seeking information regarding DMV policy on transferring their driver's license and vehicle registration should visit exchange-out-state-driver-license and register-out-state-vehicle.

In order to remain eligible for in-state tuition, students must maintain New York as their primary domicile.

Students with questions regarding the residency process should contact the Office of Student Financial Services or speak with their program coordinator.


Term Deadline Date
Fall August 17
Winter January 7
Spring January 17
Summer 1 May 25
Summer 2 July 6