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Committee Members 

Name Representative Capacity Relationship to the Organization
Adsumelli, Rishmani Anesthesiology Faculty
Augello, Erin Administration Staff
Biagas, Katherine Pediatrics Faculty
Bianchi-Hayes, Josette Pediatrics Faculty
Brassil, Donna  Nursing            Non-Affiliated
Carlson, Harold Endocrinology Faculty
Chou, Timothy Ophthalmology Faculty
Eckardt, Patricia Nursing Non-Affiliated
Evinger, Marian  Pediatrics Faculty
Fineberg, Iris Social Welfare Faculty
Fox, Helen Psychiatry Faculty
Fuellbier, Jamie Administration Staff
Gambino, Kathleen Nursing Faculty
Garry, David Maternal & Fetal Faculty
Gould, Omar Electrical Engineering Non-Affiliated
Heslin, Samita Emergency Medicine Faculty
Hom, Jeffrey Pediatrics & Emergency Medicine Faculty
Kier, Catherine  Pediatrics Faculty
Kline, Reuben Political Science Faculty
Kozlowski, Lu-Ann Administration Staff
Li,  Haifang  Radiology Faculty
Maduekwe, Echezona Pediatrics Faculty
Marmo, Robert Criminal Justice Faculty
Mavarez-Martinez, Ana Anesthesiology Staff
McMahon, Brian Emergency Medicine Faculty
McNurlan, Margaret Surgery Faculty
Minton, Aimee Administration Staff
Nadraus, Patricia  Nursing Non-Affiliated
Pearl, Michael Gynecology/Oncology Faculty
Perlman, Greg Psychiatry Faculty
Saltz, Mary Radiology Faculty
Samad, Abdool Administration Staff
Scott, Stacey Psychology Faculty
Shankar, Shobana African History Faculty
Stewart, Diana Administration Staff
Strianse, Jeannine Pharmacy Faculty
Teressa, Getu Medicine Faculty
Varela, Marie Pharmacy Faculty
Vitkun, Stephen Anesthesiology Faculty
Wallace, Christine Nursing Non-Affiliated
Weissbart, Steven Urology Faculty 
Weldeslassie, Ghenet Social Welfare Faculty