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Upcoming events and news from the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.
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UPDATE April 12, 2016 

Dear Postdocs,

Don't forget our monthly postdoc coffee this Thursday. You're also invited to a workshop on Grantsmanship 101 on April 26. Details are below. 


Katy Flint Ehm
Director, Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

Events & Classes

  1. Monthly Postdoc Coffee: Thursday, April 13, 3pm
  2. Grantsmanship 101: Getting started with grant writing, Apr 26, 1pm
  3. 8th Annual Teaching, Learning & Technology Colloquium: Pedagoggles, Apr 15
  4. Career Symposium: Beyond Academia: Bench to Business, Apr 22, Cold Spring Harbor
  5. SAVE THE DATE: Upcoming events


  1. Last Minute Tax Help
  2. NYAS eBriefing: Grantsmanship for Postdocs


  1. Visiting Assistant Professor job at SUNY Old Westbury


  1. Researchers Recruiting Postdocs for Stress Study
  2. Participate in a National Postdoc Survey

Events & Classes

1. Monthly Postdoc Coffee: Thursday, April 14, 3pm
Attend our monthly postdoc coffee. It may not even be raining that day! So stop by the Grad School conference room, and take a quick break with your colleagues. 

Did you know that the President's Office of Management and Budget has clarified that any federally funded postdoc is expected to also participate in professional development as part of their research training? Sounds like time to network! See you Thursday!

WHEN:  Thursday, April 14, 2016, 3:00pm-4:00pm

WHERE: Grad School Conference room, (old) Computer Science 2401

2 . Grantsmanship 101: Getting started with grant writing, Apr 26, 1pm
Attend this workshop to learn strategies for writing grant proposals for a range of purposes and sources. The workshop will cover:
  • Where to look for funding opportunities;
  • How to know what the funder is looking for;
  • How to write persuasively; and
  • How to organize a proposal.
Nancy Goroff
Professor, Department
of Chemistry; and
Associate Provost, IREP
  Barbara Frank
Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Art

WHEN:  Tuesday, April 26, 2016,
1:00pm - 2:30pm

WHERE: SAC Room 305



Sponsored by the IREP Office and the Graduate Student Organization.

3 . 8th Annual Teaching, Learning & Technology Colloquium: Pedagoggles, Apr 15

Pedagoggles: A Fresh Focus on Teaching & Technology

Register now for Stony Brook's annual colloquium on teaching, learning and technology and increase your exposure to effective teaching practices and teaching with technology. Registration is FREE for graduate students, TAs and postdocs. 

Date:  Friday, April 15, 2016
Time:  8:30 AM - 4:00 AM
Location:  Student Activities Center, Ballroom A

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Vivienne Ming

Named one of 10 Women to Watch in Tech in 2013 by Inc. Magazine, Vivienne Ming earned her doctorate at Carnegie Mellon University and is a theoretical neuroscientist, technologist and entrepreneur. She co­founded Socos, where machine learning and cognitive neuroscience combine to maximize students' life outcomes. Vivienne is a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley's Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience, where she pursues her research in neuroprosthetics. In her free time, Vivienne has developed a predictive model of diabetes to better manage the glucose levels of her diabetic son and systems to predict manic episodes in bipolar suffers.

4.   Career Symposium: Beyond Academia: Bench to Business, Apr 22, Cold Spring Harbor

The Beyond Academia Forum is an annual event held for academic scientists, clinicians, postdoctoral researchers and graduate students from Greater New York area with an interest in non-academic careers. This one-day event will broaden knowledge of potential career paths in life sciences for individuals with advanced degrees who are interested in pursuing a non-research based career.

For more information and to register, visit  HERE.  (only 18 spots left!)

SBU and BNL are arranging a van to transport people to the event, so if you plan to go and are interested in a ride, email the Postdoc Office at

5 .  SAVE THE DATE: Upcoming Events

Mark your calendar now for some upcoming events at SBU!

  • May 6: The Graduate Career Association will host a panel on careers in science policy with the Director of Science Policy at FASEB, Yvette Seger.
  • May 12, 12:30pm: The next Practical Professional Skills workshop will feature Dr. Rick Gatteau, Associate Provost for Academic Success and Faculty Director for SBU's Higher Education Administration program, talking about leadership styles and teamwork.
  • May 31, 12:30pm: The GCA is organizing a Resume Bootcamp for insights on turning your CV into a resume. 


1 .  Last Minute Tax Help

Tax Day approaches on April 15th (altho, returns are due April 18th this year). If you're still preparing your return, here are some resources from the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) and from SBU's  Graduate Student Organization (GSO). 

The NPA provides an overview of U.S. taxes, such as how tax filing is different for postdocs on fellowships and why international postdocs should be filing even if they have a tax treaty. Check it out HERE. See also tax resources on SBU's Visa and Immigration Services website.

The GSO has arranged for a limited number of discounts for international graduate students and postdocs to use the online tax preparation service, After the discount, the cost is $2 for Federal and $20.95 for State. Please note that only a limited number of people may use this discount, first come, first served.

To take advantage of the discount, you first need to  create an account and enter all your information. They should enter SUNYSB2015 for Federal tax and SUNYSB15S5 for State tax in the code box on the ‘Review your order’ page.

2. NYAS eBriefing: Grantsmanship for Postdocs

The New York Academy of Sciences has posted up an eBriefing on its recent workshop on Grantsmanship for Postdocs, which focused particularly on applying for the NIH K99/R00 transition award. The summary was also provided by one of our own SBU postdocs! Check it out here.

There is also still time to sign up for a discounted membership with NYAS for the 2016 calendar year. Details on how to register are here. 


1. Visiting Assistant Professor in Biology at SUNY Old Westbury

SUNY Old Westbury has a full-time, temporary opening for a plant biologist/plant ecologist for the 2016-2017 academic year. There will be a subsequent search for a full-time tenure-track opening starting fall 2017 in plant bio/ecology during next academic year. Anyone who may be interested in filling for the year and hopefully applying for the tenure track, should contact Dr. Fernando Nieto.

Fernando E. Nieto-Fernandez, PhD
Professor of Biology and Chair
of the Biological Sciences Department
SUNY College at Old Westbury



1. Researchers Recruiting Postdocs for Stress Study

Researchers in the Psychiatry department are seeking graduate and post-graduate Science, Engineering, Education, and Training (STEM) trainees for a research study that examines the relationship between personality, brain functioning, and stress. The study involves a 2 hour in-person visit to Stony Brook University campus for a self-report,biological, and behavioral assessment. Then, you will be asked to complete monthly 30-minute web-based follow-ups over the next 5 months. The research is funded by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and your participation may help NASA improve selection of astronaut candidates for successful long-duration space flight (i.e., travel to Mars). You can earn up to $100 for your participation. 

If you’re interested, please contact Fran Ferayorni at or 631-638-1933.

2. Participate in a National Postdoc Survey  

A group of postdocs at the University of Chicago are conducting a national postdoc survey on the postdoctoral experience. If at least 50 of our postdocs participate, SBU will also receive a copy of our institutional data. National data on postdocs are scarce, with the last comprehensive effort conducted in 2005, so this survey is a start while the NSF moves slowly but inexorably towards its Survey of Early Career Doctorates. The invitation from the UChicago survey is below. 

Greetings, fellow postdoc! 
Have you ever felt invisible?
Please join us as we shine a light on the plight of postdocs nationwide: 

Here are some reasons why you should take the National Postdoc Survey (NPS):
1)  Contribute data to this inaugural survey, an opportunity to make your voice heard
2)  Inform advocacy efforts and help improve all aspects of the postdoc experience
3)  Speak as honestly and candidly as you like – responses are completely anonymous
4)  Enjoy a streamlined set of questions, estimated to take 15-20 minutes to complete

5)  Enter into a drawing for $200 travel awards to a scientific meeting of your choice
If you want to be seen, we invite your response! 
The National Postdoc Survey Research Team

Sean McConnell, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Scholar
Erica Westerman, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Scholar
Joseph Pierre, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow
Heather Titley, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Scholar
Giorgio Grasselli, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Scholar
Erin Heckler, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Affairs Administrator
Nancy Schwartz, Ph.D., Dean of Postdoctoral Affairs

For additional information, you may visit their website:
For questions, email: