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Mobility Assist

A sit to stand patent protected device that adds the function of supported ambulation.  First Gen Prototype

  • A portable, independently operated mobility assistance medical device that helps individuals stand-up, sit down and walk. 
  • The patients can get into the device themselves.
  • Comfortably lifts, walks, and stabilizes user
  • The device has battery powered lifts that bring a patient from seated to standing position in a biomechanically correct motion.
  • Reduces the risk of falling: patient is positioned so their COG (center of gravity) is always within the support of the system.
  • Compact, Robust, and Light Weight Design

Patient can easily maneuver the device to get into position, so they can get in on their own. Once in, the device provides the support and confidence, so if they can move their legs, they can ambulate in the device to promote patient initiated active lower extremity usage and stimulation of functional neural pathways. The patient can experience strengthening to address disuse atrophy in a functional activity.

Here is a short video of an earlier prototype being tested by someone with M.S.

Technical Contact:

 Anurag Purwar, Ph.D
Research Associate Professor
Director, Computer-Aided Design and Innovation Lab
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
State University of New York at Stony Brook

Licensing Contact:

Donna Tumminello
Technology Licensing and Industry Relations
Assistant Director (Engineering and Appl. Sciences)


Download a Flyer (PDF)