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“Hey there!  It’s looks like a neat piece of equipment and I think it would be beneficial to community ambulators who require more than minimal assistance." Natalie Hooper, COO Rehab Pro Therapy

“Looks great.  When can I get a demo unit?  Every unweighing system customer wants one if it works as demoed in the video.” Charlie Hartman, Biodex Sales Representative, Mid Atlantic States.  3/22/2012

“I can see this benefittng patients in many inpatient settings-  Acute rehabs as well as the SNF. I can see both OTs and PTs using the product. Of course for different reasons, but the overall idea here is utilizing this product to support motor learning and neuroplasticity concepts with the ultimate goals of increased functional independence with mobility, transfers, pre ADL skills (e.g working on sit to stand and then the act of standing itself so hte patient could pull his or her pants up). In both of these settings, therapists are working with an array of diagnoses that can have many of the same clinical presentations. Whether orthopedic or neuro, many patients in these populations with have difficulty with the act of sit to stand and static standing itself.”  Dave Wilcox, OTR/L. Moss Rehabilitation, Philadelphia, PA
Having a New York company bring to market a life-changing product designed at our own SUNY system is the perfect example of what our states innovation agenda can achieve. Professor Purwar is emblematic of the intellectual capital at SUNY where talented students, faculty and researchers are developing cutting edge ideas in the classroom and laboratory that can become marketable assets and spur economic growth. There is boundless potential on SUNYs campuses, and we want to continue to harness that asset to build new businesses, attract private investment and create jobs right here in New York State. NY-state Governor Andrew Cuomo
“It is a win-win situation for everyone involved but especially patients and the local economy.” Diane Fabel, director of operations, the Center for Biotechnology, Stony Brook, articulates the organization’s excitement regarding the collaboration and providing support to help bring the device to the market.

Dr. Purwars Mobility Assist is the newest life-changing invention to be imagined on a SUNY campus, given the room to grow through support from one of our Research Foundation programs, and ultimately brought to market by one of SUNYs public-private partnerships. This agreement truly embodies the power of SUNY. Congratulations to Dr. Purwar and many thanks to those at SBU, the RF, and Biodex who have made this achievement possible. SUNY Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher

This successful transition of technology from the lab to the marketplace is the product of dedicated research, industry-university collaboration, and creative funding programs that foster faculty research and support innovation, said Dr. Tim Killeen, RF president and SUNY vice chancellor for research.

Anurags idea led to the Mobility Assist, a solution engineered in his lab and in collaboration with the Long Island State Veterans Home on the Stony Brook campus. With the help of the Stony Brook Research Office and the SUNY Research Foundation, this important product was quickly brought to market. I am encouraged that it was fast tracked through the licensing process, because it is an invention that will serve a large population of people whose ability to get around will be greatly enhanced. Stony Brook president Samuel L. Stanley Jr., M.D.

Customers who will use Mobility Assist represent a growing market, and Biodex already sells other devices for people with limited mobility. This is a nice progression for some of the products that we already have in that area. Ed Behan, the companys vice president of market development, Biodex