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                                  Richard Sejour

M.S., Biology 2018
Adelphi University
B.S., Biology 2015
Adelphi University

Bioinformatics, molecular signaling, DNA repair, epigenetics, mitochondrial ROS, cell damage repair mechanisms, cardiac physiology,  oncology

As a Long island native, I was fortunate to be exposed to educational opportunities that sparked my passion for research. At Adelphi University, I conducted research in the Villa-Cuesta Drosophila lab, where I characterized the role of Sirtuin 4 in modulating metabolic signaling pathways across Drosophila mitochondrial DNA haplotypes. My scientific interests are broad, but I have an affinity for biostatistics, computational research, and basic research in the following areas: epigenetics, the dynamics of DNA replication, DNA damage repair, and cellular damage responses. On my spare time, I enjoy playing video games, exploring religious/spiritual ideologies, and in general enhancing my comprehension of the physical and social sciences. I am honored to be a member of the Stony Brook community, and I look forward to being mentored by Stony Brook's talented faculty researchers.


Awards and Fellowships:

Richard belongs to the IMDS-MERGE program.

Recent Publications: