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Process for securing an NDA

Whether a researcher needs the Intellectual Property Partners (IPP) to review an NDA (also referred to as a confidential disclosure agreement or CDA) received from a third party or have one generated internally, the researcher should send a request to  The email should include the following information:

  • Description of the Confidential Information: The researcher should provide a short, one-sentence description of the confidential information that will be shared.  The researcher should attempt to identify any technology that is encompassed by a new technology disclosure filed with the IPP.
  • Draft Agreement: If the researcher received a draft of the NDA, she should forward the draft along with the accompanying email to the email listed above.
  • Identity and Contact Information for Parties Involved: The researcher should provide the following additional information: full name of researcher and third party, email address of researcher and third party, and physical address of third party. 

Keep in mind that our obligation is ensure consistency with university policy including the SUNY Patent and Invention Policy.  Accordingly, while we make every attempt to expedite the NDA execution process, we may require time to negotiate the terms of the agreement with the outside party.  

Contact the IPP Office:

N5002 Frank Melville JR. Library

Stony Brook, NY 11794

Phone: 631-632-9009