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The Institute for Globalization Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences offers an interdisciplinary BA program in Globalization Studies and International Relations (GLI) that provides tomorrow’s leaders with vital perspectives on “the world” with large and critical opportunities for students to concentrate in their areas of expertise and future employment. SBU students now have the opportunity to major in, for example, Africana Studies, Asian and Asian American Studies, Business Management, Economics, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Health Science, Hispanic Languages and Literature, History, Journalism, Political Science, or Sociology, and obtain a second major that puts them in direct contact with a range of globally-minded professionals.

Why Give?

Your support will enable the Institute for Globalization Studies to invite practitioners to teach courses and educate our students beyond the classroom – to deeply connect and learn from an array of experts in the greater New York metropolitan area. NYC needs talented young people who are prepared to take on the world.  They need your support!   

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