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A. Sanchez Construction Corp. Scholarship

Undergraduate Award for Academic Achievement
This award is offered through the Latin American & Caribbean Studies Center 
A $2,500 annual award recognizes an undergraduate student of outstanding academic achievement, scholarly promise, service and leadership to the community. For application and information, visit:
A. Sanchez Scholarship

Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM) Awards

Stony Brook Students applying should have a minimum 2.5 GPA (except for The Ana Maria Torres Scholarship) and enrolled for the Fall semester. Winners will be announced at the annual Hispanic Heritage Month Awards Ceremony.

Application deadline OCTOBER 27, 2017

Descriptions and eligibility preferences are as follows:

For Students (Undergraduate & Graduate)
HHM Community Service Student who has taken time to serve the community and whose presence and kindness has had a positive impact on the university.

HHM Academic Award 
Student who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement in all subjects and is active in the Latino and campus community.

HHM Leadership Award 

Student who has assumed a leadership role(s) in any Stony Brook recognized society, club, sorority, fraternity or association.

Rafaela Luna Abreu Memorial Scholarship 
This memorial scholarship was created by Dora Maria Abreu (SBU Alum) in honor of her mother who passed away to breast cancer. This scholarship will be given to a student in the sciences that has demonstrated outstanding academic accomplishments and has served others in the Latino community much like her mother did. ($ scholarship)

The Ana Maria Torres Scholarship 
The Ana Maria Torres Scholarship Fund for Hispanic/Latino Students will provide scholarship support to qualified undergraduate students of Hispanic/Latino descent who show great potential for making significant contributions to the Hispanic/Latino community through their leadership. Criteria for this scholarship include financial need and merit. ($ scholarship)
Qualifications:  (a) Must be an undergraduate student enrolled full-time at Stony Brook University  (b) Must have a minimum 3.0 GPA  (c) Must demonstrate leadership qualities and commitment to the Hispanic/Latino community.

For Faculty and Staff

HHM Faculty/Staff Award 
A Stony Brook University Faculty/Staff member who has demonstrated outstanding contributions, service, outreach, and commitment to the Latino community.

"Las Madrinas" Award 

"Madrina" is "Godmother" in Spanish. Students select a woman at SBU who is a member of the faculty or staff and who has contributed to the quality of life and educational growth and development of Latino students. This woman also has served as a mentor and a guide in all aspects of student life.

"Los Padrinos" Award 

"Padrino" is "Godfather" in Spanish. Students select a man at SBU who is a member of faculty or staff and who has contributed to the quality of life and educational growth and development of Latino students. This man also has served as a mentor and a guide in all aspects of student life.

HHM Latino Faculty Recognition Award  
The annual Latino Faculty Recognition Award was created to pay tribute to a faculty member of Hispanic/Latino descent who have truly served this academic Institution, as well as to honor their contributions to the University and the students.



During Hispanic Heritage Month (October), we recognize the contributions of Hispanic and Latinos and celebrate their heritage and culture.  October is filled with various events, programs are held, prominent guest speakers invited, and academic scholarships awarded. This is all made possible by generous contributions.  We welcome and encourage your support to keep Hispanic Heritage Month an important presence at Stony Brook.

Contribution Details:
(P.O., Journal Transfer, Checks - NO CASH)
Payable to: Hispanic Heritage Month
State Acct. # 91007300 or FSA # 726

Mail to:
Hispanic Heritage Month
c/o Lynda Perdomo-Ayala
T8-140 Health Sciences Center
Stony Brook, NY 11794-8651

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