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The Center for Hellenic Studies serves as a nucleus of activities concerned with Hellenic language, history and culture, political life, social issues, economy. With the study of Greece and Hellenism the Center aspires to educate and nurture students with the values of Hellenic civilization. It also aims to form strong bonds between the University and the Greek-American communities of Long Island and New York, and establish connections and interactions with educational and academic institutions in Greece.

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Summer Abroad in Greece!!

We are excited about the 2024 Faculty-led Summer Program in Greece. Please click on the link below for more information:

Summer Program in Greece - 2024


Fellowship Opportunities for Students:

- AHEPA Educational Foundation (AEF) Scholarship application.


- The Journey of Greek- and Cypriot-American Immigrants Competition

Supported by AHEPA Port Jefferson Chapter 319, District #6

The Center for Hellenic Studies is pleased to announce the 3rd annual essay competition, which focuses on documenting the experiences and history of people of Greek and Cypriot descent who immigrated to the US in the first half of the twentieth century, and who settled on Long Island, NY. The competition is open to all students. Students enrolled in the Hellenic Studies minor, or in Modern Greek classes are encouraged to participate.

The participants are expected to interview five senior Greek and Cypriot residents of Long Island and document how they were received and blended into the American culture, learned the language, and became established in the community as citizens of the United States. Correlations could be drawn to the current immigration environment. Access to senior Greek and Cypriot residents of Long Island will be facilitated by the AHEPA Chapter.

The essays will be submitted to the Center of Hellenic Studies. A committee of faculty will review the submissions and select the winners of the competition, who will receive an award of $1,000 sponsored by the AHEPA Port Jefferson Chapter 319, District #6.

Timeline (specific dates will be determined):

January – Announcement of the competition

Late-April – Deadline to submit the essays

May 1 – Announcement of the winner of the competition

May – Award ceremony

The faculty associated with the Center for Hellenic Studies (Prof. Stella Tsirka and Maria Athanasopoulou) are available  to advise and support the students as they conduct their research and prepare their essays. Students may register for EUR487 Independent Project in European Studies after consultation with the faculty. Please contact Prof. Stella Tsirka ( for details.


Events 2023-2024

Fall 2023

- December 2-3, Hellenic Film weekend Wang Theater


Spring 2024

- February 7, Mr. Dinos Konstantinou
Consul General of Greece in New York


- Dr. George Koullias, Stony Brook University




Events 2022-2023





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2022-2023: Center for Hellenic Studies Newsletter

2021-2022: Center for Hellenic Studies Newsletter








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#SBUGivingDay 2023

Please support our Center during this year's #SBUGivingDay, a 24-hour online fundraising drive. All donated funds help support our classes, activities, events and students. Your gift, no matter the amount, will make a difference!

Just click on our page.


The Center for Hellenic Studies depends on generous contribution from the community to carry out its many programs and initiatives. To make a donation to the Center, please click here. Choose your donation designation from the drop down menu, and complete the rest of the requested information. Thank you very much.

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Greek National Holidays Celebration

The Stony Brook University Greek and Cypriot Student Association hosts celebrations for OXI Day and for the Greek Independence day. Always a wonderful celebration, with music, dances, food and Hellenic and Cypriot pride! Join us!

GreekDancers1 GreekDancers2 

Center for Hellenic Studies Dedication Ceremony

On October 18, 2017, we celebrated the official opening of the Center for Hellenic Studies. Mr. Peter V. Tsantes and his family and all the friends of the Center participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Students from the Greek and Cypriot Student Association danced and sang. Activities of the Center will be housed in the Humanities 1052 room.


Grateful to Peter V. Tsantes and family

The Center for Hellenic Studies is grateful to Mr. Peter V. Tsantes and his family for their generosity and their support. The establishment of the Tsantes Endowed Professorship (supporting Prof. Nikos Panou) strengthened the Center for Hellenic Studies, aiming to promote, study and disseminate Hellenic civilization, culture, history, socioeconomics, language, and literature.

Mr. and Mrs. Tsantes, Prof. Panou with President Stanley, Provost Bernstein and Dean Kopp Tsantes family, Prof. Panou with AFGLCNYTsantesFamily students

Mr. Tsantes followed up with another generous gift to the Center for Hellenic Studies which supports the establishment of a dedicated space for the Center as well as ongoing operation and events of the Center, including the dispersion of knowledge on Hellenism and pursuit of scholarship, encouragement of student engagement and participation, and the engagement in community activities.