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Electronic Communications


Are Electronic Communications Secure to Send/Receive Export Controlled Information?
Email and Fax

Export controlled information should not be sent via email or fax. Google for Education is not export compliant and any items sent via Google mail would require additional security steps.

File Sharing Solutions

Not all file sharing solutions are export compliant. Some solutions save information to a local server while others save information to an off site server.

To err on the side of caution, it is best to avoid using electronic communications to convey export controlled information and if it becomes absolutely necessary to do so, to utilize software that would encrypt the information.

Are There Export Concerns for Cloud Storage?

Many mail servers as well as file sharing solutions store information in the cloud.  Under the Export Administration Regulations, the Bureau of Industry and Security (Department of Commerce) created a carve out for transmission of controlled data (technology) within a cloud service infrastructure - BUT there are many stipulations and exclusions furthermore this does NOT apply to controlled technical data under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)

Who Can I Contact for Help with Secure Sharing or Storage?

Contact the Export Compliance Officer if the information is or may be export controlled for assistance with a license, license exemption or technology control plan.

Contact the Information Security Team in Division of Information Technology (DoIT) at for IT solutions.

Other Related Campus Policies

SBU Google Apps for Education Acceptable Use and Data Security Policy (D211)

Information Security Program and Administration Policy (P300)