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Ecology and Evolution Dissertation Defense
Colloquium Calendar for Spring 2019
Wednesdays in Life Sciences room 038
3:30PM: coffee and refreshments
3:45PM: talks begin

01/30/2019 Sharon Pochron, Stony Brook University
Title: Soil health in a contaminated world
Host: Liliana Davalos

02/06/2019 Steve Vollmer, Northeastern University, Massachusetts
Title: The genetic bases of host immunity and disease resistance in endangered Staghorn corals
Host: Robert Thacker

02/13/2019 CANCELLED

02/20/2019 Brian Counterman, Mississippi State University
Title:  The origin of species told from the wings of a butterfly
Host: Joe Kelly

02/27/2019 TBA
Title: TBA
Host: Catherine Foley

03/06/2019 RETREAT

03/13/2019 Andrea Graham, Princeton University
Title: Rapid environmental effects on susceptibility to parasites in This Wormy World
Host: Catherine Markham

03/20/2019 SPRING BREAK

03/27/2019 Rachael Winfree, Rutgers University
Title: What can Pollinators tell us about Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Real-World Landscapes
Host: Resit Akcakaya

04/03/2019 James Mallet, Harvard University
Title: Hybridization and gene flow among Heliconius butterflies and its importance in adaptive radiation
Host: Douglas Futuyma

04/10/2019 Sarah Kingston, Bowdoin College, Maine
Title: A Snail Story:  Phenotypic and Genotypic Divergence in   Littorina saxatilis   in the Gulf of Maine
Host: Dianna Padilla
04/12/2019  4:00-5:00pm Laufer Lecture Hall 101 Casey Dun, Yale University
Title: Comparative Genomics and the Golden Age of Natural History
Host: Graduate Students

04/17/2019 Dianna Padilla, Stony Brook University
Title: TBA
Host: TBA

04/24/2019 Justin Fay, University Rochester
Title: Diversification and domestication of yeast
Host: Krishna Veeramah

05/01/2019 Brian McGill, University of Maine
Title: Getting serious about a top-down view of community assembly
Host: Bilgecan Sen

05/08/2019 Warren Brockleman, Center for Genetic Eng. & Biotech.
Title: Non-Adaptive Radiation in Gibbons: A View from Thailand
Host: Douglas Futuyma and Andreas Koenig
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