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Ecology and Evolution Dissertation Defense
*Note: You may join the defense on-the-go, please download Zoom apps.
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Colloquium Calendar for Fall 2022
Wednesdays in Life Sciences room 038 on ZOOM or In Person
2:30PM: please connect to the Zoom meeting
2:45PM: talks begin

8/24/2022 Introductions

8/31/2022 Christina Kaunzinger, Center for Urban Environmental Sustainability, Rutgers University, and Ecology and Evolution Stony Brook University
Title: Campus as Living Laboratory:  experiential learning & sustainable landscapes
Host: D Padilla

9/7/2022 Mark Burgman, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London
Title: Making a science of expert judgement in ecology
Host: R Akcakaya

9/14/2022 Thomas Grothues, Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences, Rutgers University
Title: Phenological shifts in the occurrence of fish larvae in a mid-Atlantic Estuary: Patterns and benchmark sensitivity
Host: D Padilla

9/21/2022 Mary Power, Department of Integrative Biology, University of California Berkeley
Title: Floods, drought, and algal-based food webs in a California river
Host: D Padilla

9/28/2022 Shirley Malcom, AAAS, Washington DC
Title: The science enterprise as a complex system
Host: D Padilla

10/5/2022 Ana Carnaval, City College of New York
Title: Integrative biology and biodiversity prediction in the Atlantic Forests of Brazil
Host: P Title

10/12/2022 Dan Simberloff, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Tennessee Knoxville
Title: A Future Planet of Weeds? – Is It Hopeless to Fight Biological Invasions?
Host: D Futuyma

10/19/2022 Katherine Gallagher, Department of Ecology and Evolotuion, Stony Brook University
Title: TBA
Host: H Lynch

10/26/2022 Fred Nijhout, Department of Biology, Duke University
Title: To be the right size: How animals assess their body size to control and stop their growth
Host: D Padilla  

11/2/2022 Matthew Allielo-Lammens, Department of Environmental Studies and Science, Pace University.
Title: TBA
Host: J Gurevitch

11/9/2022 Stephen Munch, NOAA Fisheries and an Adjunct Professor at UC Santa Cruz, Departments of Applied Math and Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
Title: Nonlinear dynamics for ecosystem forecasting and management
Host: D Padilla

11/16/2022 Yong Chen, School of Marine and Atmospheric Scienes, SBU
Title: Hudson River Biological Monitoring Program: Opportunity and Challenge
Host: H Lynch

11/23/2022 Thanksgiving Break

11/30/2022 Kristin Winchell, Department of Biology, NYU
Title: TBA
Host: A Thonis