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Ecology and Evolution Dissertation Defense
*Note: You may join the defense on-the-go, please download Zoom apps.
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Colloquium Calendar for Spring 2021
Wednesdays in Life Sciences room 038 on ZOOM
2:30PM: please connect to the Zoom meeting
2:45PM: talks begin
02/03/2021 Adam Boyko, Cornell University
Title: Doggy DNA and a Quest for Healthier Dogs
Host: Krishna Veeramah

02/10/2021 Joshua Lonthair, NOAA/UC Davis
Title: Insights into the Physiological Implications of Ocean Acidification on Estuarine Fish
Host: Tanya Lama (Davalos Lab)

02/17/2021 Maria Miriti, Ohio State University
Title:  Population and community dynamics in an arid system  
Host: Jessica Gurevitch

02/24/2021 Gillian Bowser, Colorado State University
Title: Somebody else’s problem?  Ecological blindness to diversity
Host: Jessica Gurevitch

03/03/2021 Elli Theobald, University of Washington
Title: Active learning and achievement gaps in underrepresented students in STEM
Host: Ross Nehm

03/10/2021 Warren Sconiers, University of the Ozarks
Title: Urban insect ecology: Understanding pollinator immunity and IPM in human environments 
Host: Jessica Gurevitch

03/17/2021 Maria Servedio, University of North Carolina
Title: The effects of sexual selection on the origin of species
Host: Doug Futuyma

03/24/2021 Daniela Palmer, The University of Sheffield
Title: Genomic evolution of sex differences
Host: Tanya Lama (Davalos Lab)

03/31/2021 Brian Sedio, University of Texas
Title: Can metabolomics reveal the chemical niches thought to generate and maintain diversity in forest tree communities?
Host: Rafael D'Andrea

04/07/2021 Cancelled Joesph Tobias , Imperial College London
Title: The long history and uncertain future of bird diversity
Host: Doug Futuyma

04/14/2021 Liliana Cortes-Ortiz, University of Michigan
Title: Consequences of a porous species boundary: variation in levels of introgression within genomes of two hybridizing primate species
Host: Liliana Dávalos

04/21/2021 Emily Moore, University of Montana
Title: The evolution of reproductive barriers, hybrid placental overgrowth, and disrupted gene networks in rodents
Host: Liliana Dávalos

04/28/2021 Brenna Forester, Colorado State University
Title: The importance of evolutionary potential in extinction risk assessments and conservation decision-making
Host: Liliana Dávalos

05/05/2021 Casey Youngflesh, UCLA
Title: Responses of the North American avifauna to global change: Ecology in the age of big data
Host: Heather Lynch