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Ecology and Evolution Dissertation Defense

*Note: You may join the defense on-the-go, please download Zoom apps.

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Colloquium Calendar for Spring 2023
Wednesdays in Life Sciences room 038 on ZOOM or In Person
2:30PM: please connect to the Zoom meeting
2:45PM: talks begin

01/25/2023 Monica Medina, Pennsylvania State University
Title: The role of comparative biology in understanding cnidarian holobionts
Host: Bob Thacker

02/01/2023 Dianna Padilla, Stony Brook University
Title: Designing urban shorelines for resilience - a convergence transdiciplanary approach
Host: Dianna Padilla

02/08/2023 Athmanathan Senthilnathan, Stony Brook University
Title: How does plant-soil feedback structure plant communities?
Host: Rafael D'Andrea

02/15/2023 Thomas Grothues, Rutgers University
Title: Shifts in the occurrence of larval marine fish over 25 years: Is climate change a cause?
Host: Dianna Padilla

02/22/2023 Luciana Santoferrara, Hofstra University (Zoom)
Title: Hidden Diversity in Marine Plankton: Ciliated Protists as an Example
Host: Jackie Collier

03/01/2023 Austin Gardner, Syracuse University
Title: Sticky Situations and Clinging Conundrums: Form and Function of Organismal Attachment Systems
Host: Natasha Vitek

03/08/2023 Danielle Kreeger, Partnership for the Deleware Estuary and Academy of Natual Sicneces Drexel
Title: Investing in Bivalve Shellfish to Promote Cleaner Water from Headwaters to the Coast
Host: Dianna Padilla

03/15/2023 Spring Break
03/22/2023 Steven Handel, Dept of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources, Rutgers University
Title: An ecologist in the design studio: making ecologically functioning parks
Host: Dianna Padilla

03/29/2023 Joe LaManna, Marquette University (Zoom)
Title: Environmental drivers of facilitation and antagonism: implications for forest populations, communities, & biodiversity
Host: Rafael D'Andrea

04/05/2023 Dino Martins, Chief Executive Officer of Turkana Basin Institute
Title: Grasses in East Africa: Shared Histories Between the Human and the Grass Families
Host: Dianna Padilla

04/12/2023 E&E Program Assessment and Development Committee, Stony Brook University (Zoom)
Title: Developing and assessing E&E program goals: getting everyone involved
Host: TBA

04/19/2023 Pascal Title, Stony Brook University
Title: Ecomorphological innovations and the global diversity of snakes
Host: Dianna Padilla

04/26/2023 Jonathan Calede, The Ohio State University
Title: Did changes in locomotion lead to diversity explosion? Insights from rodent evolution
Host: Tara Smiley

05/03/2023 Gena Sbeglia, San Diego State Univesity (Zoom)
Title: The centrality of learning to the success of evolutionary biology’s DEI objectives
Host: Ross Nehm