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For your convenience, we will be using an online ticketing system that eliminates the in person ticket pick up.  

WHEN: Access to the online ticket portal will become available on Monday, May 7, 2018 to all Candidates who have completed the Ceremony Registration Form (CRF) on SOLAR by Sunday, May 6, 2018 at midnight.

WHERE: Candidates will recieve an email to their Stony Brook account with instructions on how to obtain their (3) Guest tickets.

WHAT: Candidates will need to provide their Guests with either the electronic or printed copies of their tickets. Ticket holders must present this ticket at the gate. Each ticket contains a unique barcode and duplicate tickets will not scan or provide entry into the Ceremony. Violations are subject to disciplinary action. 

Guests without tickets are welcomed to view the Ceremony live at our alternative viewing location in Frey Hall.

For those who are unable to physically attend the Ceremony are welcomed to view via a live webcast at 

Ceremony Schedule

  10:00 AM Candidate Arrival:  Candidates are in line at the Indoor Sports Complex Parking lot wearing caps and gowns.

  10:30 AM Academic Procession:   Candidates are ushered to their seats on the stadium field.

  11:00 AM Ceremony Begins:   All guests are seated.


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