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Transportation research is concerned with movement of people and goods from point-A to point-B. On one hand, transportation engineers’ responsibility has always been to design safe, efficient, and sustainable transportation systems considering potential societal, economic and environmental challenges. On the other hand, the worldwide trend of increasing population in urban areas poses additional challenges for transportation engineers, planners and policy makers. Today’s engineers not only face the challenge of solving larger scale problems falling under multiple jurisdictions, but they also experience the challenge of designing/maintaining sustainable cities considering the global issues such as climate change. The multifaceted urban problems require an interdisciplinary approach which requires social science knowledge of human behavior and interaction as much as technical knowledge such as operations research, economics and advanced statistics. Meanwhile, higher penetration and use of new technologies such as advanced traffic sensors, information communication technologies help transportation engineers/planners develop better informed strategies to overcome the aforementioned challenges. Transportation group at SBU Civil Engineering Department embraces the multidisciplinary nature of the transportation field and develops technology and data driven approaches for better analysis and modeling of transportation problems. In this vein, SBU researchers tackle transportation problems of various nature and scale ranging from the use of emerging technologies in day-to-day transportation operations, to emergency evacuation management under extreme events.

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