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Structures and Construction Materials

The Structures and Construction Materials group focuses on improving the safety and sustainability of our infrastructure. The Multi-scale Structural Materials lab studies structural materials for construction applications.  The current production of conventional cement contributes to 7-10 % of global CO2 emission.  Thus, with the increasing to use environmentally friendly materials in our societies, the modification of “chemistry” in construction materials is becoming important, which should be based on a clear understanding of multi-scale level structure of the materials. We are developing sustainable structural materials such as sulfur polymer concrete, geopolymer concrete, and sulfoaluminate cement by changing the chemistry of conventional cement.  These are new types of cement which are more durable and have less carbon footprint than conventional portland cement.  In addition, high-performance concrete of steel fiber-reinforced concrete have been developing under the sustainable boundary.  Recently, special cement admixtures including a super-absorbent polymer are being investigated to add functionalities to concrete.

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