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Civil Engineering Courses

Course descriptions and prerequisites can can be found here.


Course Title

    Fall 2023  

Spring 2024

CIV 505 Transportation Network Analysis    
CIV 507 Transportation Economics    
CIV 514 Advanced Construction Materials  
CIV 517 Engineering Geology  
CIV 523 Coastal Engineering Planning and Design  
CIV 524 Coastal Processes and Sediment Transport  
CIV 526 Environmental Biotechnology  
CIV 530 Structural Mechanics  
CIV 531 Nonlinear Structual Mechanics  
CIV 532 Structural Dynamics    
CIV 534 Intermediate Reinforced Concrete Design   ✔ 
CIV 540 Intermediate Computational Mechanics  
CIV 544 Environmental Fluid Dynamics  
CIV 545 Computational Fluid Dynamics    
CIV 546 Environmental Aquatic Chemistry    
CIV 547 Enviromental Physical-Chemical Processes  
CIV 550 Introduction to Smart Infrastructure Systems  
CIV 551  Sensing and Learning for Smart Cities      
CIV 555 Analytics for Engineering Systems  
CIV 595 Independent Study in Civil Engineering     
CIV 596 MS Project     
CIV 599 MS Thesis Research     
CIV 691 Civil Engineering Seminar       
CIV 697 Practicum in Teaching I     
CIV 698 Practicum in Teaching II    
CIV 699 Dissertation Research On Campus      
CIV 700  Dissertation Research Off Campus-Domestic      
CIV 701 Dissertation Research Off Campus-International