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Jessica Imperato
Advisor: Dr. Brian Sheridan

B.S. Biology, 2015, University of New Haven
B.S. Forensic Science, 2015, University of New Haven

I received BS degrees in both Forensic Science and Biology, as well as a minor in Chemistry, from the University of New Haven in 2015. Throughout my time at UNH, I participated in several research projects, which centered around the development of PCR assays to detect disease-causing mutations in the PAH, BRCA1, NF-1, and SNRPN genes. In the fall of 2015, I joined Stony Brook University's PhD program in Molecular and Cellular Biology, and subsequently joined Brian Sheridan's lab in the spring of 2016, where I will be working on developing Listeria-based oral vaccines.

Select Honors and Awards:
Presidential Scholar (University of New Haven, 2011-2015)
Kenneth Biermacher Endowment Scholarship (University of New Haven, 2011-2012)
Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (University of New Haven, 2012)
John Hatfield Scholar (University of New Haven, 2014-2015)
Herbert Wright Award for Biology and Environmental Science (University of New Haven, 2015)
NIH T32GM008468/MCSB Training Grant Appointee (Stony Brook University, 2015-2016)

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