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Mengqian Zhang

PhD Candidate
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Mengqian Zhang is a fourth-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China. Before this, she got the B.E. degree in computer science from Ocean University of China in 2018. Since July 2019, she has been a visiting scholar at Center on Frontiers of Computing Studies, Peking University. Her research interests include blockchain and algorithmic game theory.


Accelerating Transactions Relay in Blockchain Networks via Reputation

For a blockchain system, the network layer is of great importance for scalability and security. The critical task of blockchain networks is to provide a fast delivery of data. A rapid spread accelerates the transactions to be included into blocks and then confirmed. Existing blockchain systems, especially the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, take a simple strategy that requires relay nodes to verify all received transactions and then forward valid ones to all outbound neighbors. Unfortunately, this design is inefficient and slows down the transmission of transactions. In this paper, we introduce the concept of reputation and propose a novel relay protocol, RepuLay, to accelerate the transmission of transactions across the network. First of all, we design a reputation mechanism to help each node identify the unreliable and inactive neighbors. In this mechanism, two values are used to define one's reputation. Each node keeps a local list of reputations of all its neighbors. Based on the reputation mechanism, RepuLay adopts probabilistic strategies to process transactions. More specifically, after receiving a transaction, the relay node verifies it with a certain probability, which is deduced from the first value of sender's reputation. Next, the valid and unverified transactions are forwarded to some neighbors. Each neighbor has some probability to be chosen as a receiver and the probability is determined by its second value of reputation. Theoretically, we prove that our design can guarantee the quality of relayed transactions. Further simulation results confirm that RepuLay effectively accelerates the spread of transactions and optimize the usage of nodes' bandwidths.