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CEWIT2021 Conference Schedule

The CEWIT2021 Conference will consist of multiple panels, discussions, and individual talks. The series of individual talks will be fifteen minute presentations by distinguished breakout speakers doing a deepdive into their area of expertise along with Q&A.  Each panel will engage three to five expert speakers in a group discussion sharing their knowledge and addressing audience questions.  Each day starts at 8:30am and goes until 1:30pm EST. 

Day 1: November 3, 2021

General Session Talks
Speakers Company Talk Title
Serkan Kiranyaz, PhD Qatar University/ Tampere University New-Generation Neural Networks and Applications
Biswa Sengupta, PhD Zebra Technologies Orchestration AI ​
Yizhou Wang, PhD Peking University The Complexity of Active Visual Tracking
Pekka Abrahamsson, PhD University of Jyväskylä From Principles to Action: A Method for Ethically Aligned AI Design and Implementation
Amanda Muller, PhD Northrop Grumman Corporation Secure and Ethical AI: Framing the Challenge for National Security
Achille Fokoue IBM Research Answering Questions Using Neuro-Symbolic AI
Yu Yang, PhD Lehigh University Cyber Physical Systems for On-demand Delivery
Bob Friday Mist Systems How AI/ML is disrupting the Networking Industry: A Data-Driven approach to IT Operations
Ido Aharoni NYU/ Emerson Rigby Ltd./Israeli Foreign Service Information Overload - It’s Impact and Longterm Implementations
Accelerating Drug Discovery Panel

The future of healing and overcoming disease rests in science and drug development. Industry-wide, more than $100 billion is spent on patients in clinical trials – accounting for 25% of budgets. In the post COVID-19 era, there is a movement to reform how drug development is conducted. The rapid development of CoVID vaccines shines a path for biopharma, regulatory agencies and health technology companies to accelerate innovation and ensure research is made accessible. These possibilities will require the consistent, widespread adoption of transformative research methods and innovative organizational approaches.

Venture Capital Panel

This distinguished Panel is composed of lead investors worldwide. Discussion will focus on what is influencing the flow of venture capital now as to its directions and relative quantities. CEWIT Conference attendees will be invited to submit their questions.

Day 2: November 4, 2021

General Session Talks
Speakers Company Talk Title
Jinfang Wang, PhD Yokohama City University A Convolutional LSTM Model for Predicting the SARS-COV-2 Positives in Japan
Daniel Holewienko Henry Schein The Key Elements of Successful ML/AI in Healthcare
Lu Su, PhD Purdue University Towards Fine-Grained Wireless Human Perception
Mengqian Zhang Shanghai Jiao Tong University Accelerating Transactions Relay in Blockchain Networks via Reputation
Bruce Swett, PhD Northrop Grumman Corporation Responsible Artificial Intelligence (RAI): An Approach to Policy, Requirements, & Contracting
Wenwen Dou, PhD University of North Carolina at Charlotte Visual Text Analysis and Applications
Gabi Zodik IBM Research Blockchain – the Myth and Realities
Brian Merrill Deloitte Applications of MDNs for Anomaly and Risk Detection in Financial Data
Juntao Wang Harvard University Forecast Aggregation via Peer Prediction
John Grim Verizon Privacy Breaches in the Cyber Threat Landscape
Applied AI Panel 

Artificial intelligence implies that a machine mimics "cognitive" functions that are normally associated with the human mind. AI is a constellation of technologies that permits machines to sense, comprehend, act and learn and is transforming the relationship between people and technology. Panelists will include distinguished speakers from Zebra Technologies, IBM Research, the University of Louisiana, and Zeblok. 

Smart Infrastructure Panel 

Smart infrastructure technologies aim to enhance the way people live and work. This panel will explore a wide range of topics, such as cyber physical systems, IoT, robotics, cyber security, artificial intelligence, data visualization, blockchain, etc. Panelists will include distinguished speakers from AT&T, IBM, Twitter, the University of Massachusetts Lowell, and Stony Brook University.