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Our Mission
Conduct first-class interdisciplinary research and development in wireless and information technology; foster new enterprise development; and address the skilled technology worker shortage.


To best capitalize on the IT revolution, spur economic growth, advance scientific research and develop the technologies of tomorrow, the New York State Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology (CEWIT) was created in 2003 as the anchoring building in SUNY Stony Brook University’s Research and Development Park to  conduct research and commercialize it. The Center is a next generation research and educational facility whose  mission is to lead, initiate, foster, and manage the transfer of technologies from the research laboratory to the marketplace, and to facilitate interaction between companies and university faculty and students. CEWIT has more than 70 associated faculty members, and more than 400 Ph.D./M.S. students engaged in research. The Center has created a powerful intellectual property portfolio resulting in numerous patents. Since its inception, the Center has worked hard to build strategic alliances and business partnerships among the academic, scientific, and business communities. Our partners include some of the world’s best known and most sophisticated giants of wireless and information technology. The Center is building on these achievements and has laid the foundation for R&D partnerships with its partners and sponsors, and with other internationally known research institutions.
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