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Ido Aharoni

Global Distinguished Professor/Co-founder/ Public Diplomacy Specialist
NYU/ Emerson Rigby Ltd./Israeli Foreign Service

Former ambassador Ido Aharoni is a Global Distinguished Professor for International Relations at NYU, a member of  International Advisory Council, APCO Worldwide, a 25-year veteran of Israel’s Foreign Service, a public diplomacy specialist, and is a co-founder and principal at Emerson Rigby, where he developed their core methodology R-SWIM. He served 25 years in the Israeli Foreign Service, ending as the longest served Israeli Consul to NY. In 2016, New York Mayor Bill De Blasio proclaimed July 29th, 2016, as “Ambassador Ido Aharoni Day” in New York.


Information Overload - It’s Impact and Longterm Implementations

The age of technology brought about one of the most dramatic revolutions in human history: the information revolution. Technological advancements had far exceeded human evolution. Th human brain is incapable of effectively coping with so many stimulations. It was designed for survivability in a totally different physical and mental environment. The result is information overload. In this talk, NYU’s Ido Aharoni Aronoff will explore the phenomenon of information overload, its longterm implications, such as heightened anxiety and effective ways to cope with it.