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SEED Grants 2001

High-Resolution Characterization of the Effect of C and Si Additions in TiAl-Based Structural Alloys

Pelagia Gouma
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, SBU

Yimei Zhu
Department of Applied Science, BNL

The purpose of this work is to understand the effects of light element additions, particularly carbon and silicon, to the microstructural development and the deformation behavior of the latest generation of TiAl-based alloys for high temperature structural applications. The results of this work will guide the design of optimized alloy compositions and processing techniques for the development of structural intermetallics having the desired properties.

Solid State NMR and Magnetic Susceptibility Measurements of Nanocomposites used as Anode and Cathode Materials in Lithium-Ion Batteries

Clare Grey
Department of Chemistry, SBU

Laura Henderson Lewis
Department of Environmental Science and Technology, BNL

This project is composed of two separate proposals. Both are related to the development of new battery materials which meet both environmental and cost criteria. The first project will examine the magnetic properties of nanoparticles formed in anode materials. The second will explore the use of magnetic susceptibility measurements to characterize the extent of discharge in electrolytic manganese oxide and other cathode materials.

Quantitative MRI Contrast Reagent Bolus-Tracking Studies of Breast Cancer

Wei Huang
Department of Radiology, SBU

Jing-Huei Lee
Department of Chemistry, BNL

The latest developments in the detection of breast cancer are in the area of so-called "bolus-tracking" or "dynamic-contrast-enhanced" studies. While this approach has shown promise in the discrimination of benign versus malignant lesions, there have been significant problems with reproducibility of results from one MRI acquisition pulse sequence to another. This aim of this project is the collection of preliminary data on processed that look promising in the improvement in breast cancer detection.

High Pressure Synthesis and Characterization with Synchrotron X-Rays of BiMnO3

John Parise
Department of Geosciences, SBU

Laura Henderson Lewis
Department of Environmental Science and Technology, BNL

This project is part of a wider program in Meta Materials (nanocomposites). High dielectrics and other materials with unusual properties for high frequency and high power applications. This work is a pilot project concentrating on the synthesis and characterization of a specific class of hybrid materials, "multiferroics", which are materials that are simultaneously ferromagnetic and ferroelectric.

Inhibitors of Human Fatty Acid Biosynthesis as Putative Anticancer Drugs

Peter Tonge
Department of Chemistry, SBU

John Shanklin
Department of Biology, BNL

The central hypothesis of this proposal is that human fatty acid synthase is a target for anticancer drug development. The long-term goal of this work is the development of selective inhibitors of this enzyme complex for use in the treatment of cancer in humans.


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