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Joint Photon Sciences Institute (JPSI)


This joint Stony Brook University - Brookhaven Lab initiative in photon sciences will capitalize on the unique capabilities of Brookhaven’s new  National Synchrotron Light Source II (NSLS-II). JPSI serves as an intellectual center for development and application of the use of the powerful x-ray beams of NSLS-II by scientists of research institutions in New York State, including prominently Stony Brook University, and by regional industry.

Its mission is to foster basic science using x-ray beams through advocacy and support for programs in physics, chemistry, materials science, geosciences and applications in engineering. It will also provide symposia, lectures and workshops in the education of potential light-source users in the theory and techniques of intense x-ray beams, and outreach to industry in terms of use of x-ray beams for the characterization of designs, performance checks and quality control. JPSI has offices both at SBU (in the Geoscience Building) and at BNL in one of the Lab Office Buildings (LOB) that are attached to the NSLS-II ring. Through JPSI New York State has contributed $10 Million to the completion of two LOB’s.

The Director of JPSI holds a faculty position in a SBU department and a joint appointment at BNL in the Photon Science Directorate. The founding director is Professor  John Parise, a renowned geoscientist and long-time user of x-ray beams at the NSLS at BNL and elsewhere. At BNL he interacts and collaborates closely with the Deputy Director of the Photon Science Directorate.

As part of a cluster hire program at SBU JPSI is currently advertising for several new faculty positions at all ranks at SBU in all areas of science that use x-rays as a research tool. The advertisement can be seen  here. The searches will be continued during 2014. Any and all of these position can be joint appointments with BNL.

For more information on JPSI please refer to the  JPSI website.

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