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Medical Student Happiness, Health, and Humanism (MeSH) Newsletter

The Medical Student Happiness, Health, and Humanism (MeSH) Newsletter was founded to promote wellness within the Stony Brook medical student body as well be a medium to discuss topics related to the humanistic aspect of medicine. The stress of medical school can often be overwhelming, and students can find themselves disconnected from their purpose. The purpose of this newsletter then is to help students rediscover the smaller joys in our world as well as realize the very human side of medicine that we practice. We cover various thematic topics every month through writing about activities, perspectives from various classmates, creative pieces, and evidence-based research articles. We hope to create a simple and holistic monthly reminder that will allow students to go about their medical school journey with just a little more ease and balance.

Co-Editors in Chief
Nisha Godbole (May 2021- present)
Eshani Goradia (May 2021- present)
Afra Rahman (April 2022- present)
Sijia Ma (April 2022- present)
Krisha Mehta (May 2021- April 2022)
Aditya Lakhani (May 2021- April 2022)

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August 2021

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