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Medical Education


MD with Scholarly Concentration

Joint MD/MA

We offer, on a selective basis, the opportunity for medical students to participate in our joint MD/MA program. In addition to their coursework, these students enroll in the MD with Scholarly Concentration program and take 18 credits from our MA program in Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care and Bioethics to receive a joint MD/MA upon graduation. Medical students wishing to enroll in this program should contact Dr. Stephen Post at for details about how to apply.
MD/MA Completion Template

Medicine in Contemporary Society (MCS)

MCS is a required course running the entirety of Phase I (the pre-clinical period) of medical school. This course prepare Stony Brook medical students to be outstanding care givers in addition to facilitating the successful diagnosis of disease.
MCS Core Curriculum
MCS Selectives

Year 4 Selectives

Law and Medicine: New York Jurisprudence and Medical Students
Cultivating Compassion in Medicine
MCS 4 Independent Project

Professional Identity Formation

Professional Identity Formation in the medicine school curriculum