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AMS 44

AMS 441, Business Enterprise

Catalog Description: Explores the strategy and technology of business enterprises. Integrates the practice of engineering and quantitative methods with the operations of a business in today's globalized environment, whether in product development, financial management, or e-commerce.

Course Overview:

Prerequisite: U3 or U4 standing 

3 credits

Required Texts:
"Strategy: View From the Top", by Cornelis A. deKluyver and John A. Pearce, II; 3rd edition; Prentice Hall Higher Education, 2008; ISBN# 9780136041405

"The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvements" by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Jeff Cox; 3rd revised edition, North River Press Publishing Corporation, 2004; ISBN#: 9780884271789

Inst: Sheldon Weinig

AMS 441 Syllabus Spring 2019

Week 1 —Overview of Modern Business
Week 2—Performance Measurements
Week 3—Benchmarking
Week 4—Manufacturing Methods
Week 5-- The Global Enterprise
Week 6—Global Product Development
Week 7—Design Methods and Supply Chains
Week 8—Midterm Examination
Week 9—Corporate Reorganizations
Week 10—Manufacturing and Marketing Strategies
Week 11—Developing a Corporate Strategy
Week 12—Contemporary Strategic Thinking
Week 13—What Counts is a Winning Strategy
Week 14—Term Paper Discussion

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