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AMS 102, Elements of Statistics

Catalog Description: The use and misuse of statistics in real-life situations. Basic statistical measures of central tendency and dispersion; frequency distributions; elements of probability, binomial and normal distributions; small- and large-sample hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, and chi-square test; and regression. (May not be taken by students with credit for AMS 110 310 , or 311, 312; ECO 320; POL 201; PSY 201 or SOC 202.)

Prerequisite: Satisfaction of Entry Skill in Mathematics (Skill 1) or satisfactory completion of DEC C or QPS; Non-AMS majors only.

Antirequisite:  May not be taken by students with credit for AMS 110 or AMS 310




3 credits


Mandatory Course Materials for Spring 2023:

Please be sure to choose ISBN 9781323902653 "MyLab Statistics for Elementary Statistics Using Excel for State University of New York at Stony Brook -- Standalone Access Card with eText."  Hardcopy of the textbook is OPTIONAL (not required)

Please check with Barnes and Noble (University bookstore)  or and/or the publisher (Pearson Publishing) for pricing.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Students wishing to receive instant access to the MyLab Access Code (required) should purchase the access code via the Brightspace link in AMS 102 course, which will bring you to Pearson Publishing's website to purchase using your credit card.  

Students may purchase course materials through the University bookstore, or directly through their MyLab Statistics course in Brightspace:

  • Log in to your Brightspace Account, and access Course AMS 102
  • Left margin will contain a link for “MyLab Statistics”
  • Click into ANY of the links that appear on the right side of the screen.
  • Follow the instructions to register.
  • When prompted, you can click the “Use an Access Code” option if you purchased from the Bookstore, or can BUY HERE using a Credit Card or Paypal.
  • Once you complete this transaction, you can click “Go to Your Course"


The option above includes the Pearson eText; HARD COPY OF THE TEXTBOOK IS NOT REQUIRED

  • If you wish to purchase a loose-leaf version of the text, you can click “PURCHASE OPTIONS” from your MyLab Statistics course, and order a copy mailed directly to you.


1.  Introduction and Concept of Randomized Experiments –  5 class hours
2.  Elements of Probability Theory - 6 hours
3.  Tests of Hypothesis  - 4 class hours
4. Conditional Probability and its Applications - 3 class hours
5.  Confidence Intervals - 4 class hours
6.  Student's t test - 3 class hours
7.  Cross-Tabulation Analysis - 5 class hours
8.  Linear Regression - 6 class hours
9.  Examinations and Review – 6 class hours.


Learning Outcomes for AMS 102, Elements of Statistics

1.) Apply the process of statistical investigations from conception through conclusion.  This process involves:
     * formulating questions and collecting data;
     * analyzing data and drawing inferences;
     * interpreting results and communicating conclusions.

2.) Demonstrate facility with, and a solid conceptual understanding of, the key tools of data analysis, including:
      * histograms;
      * box plots, stem-and-leaf plots and other graphical displays;
      * measures of central tendency;
      * measures of dispersion.

3.) Demonstrate knowledge of elements of probability and key probability distributions, including:
      * probability of an event, sample space, equi-probable outcomes;
      * conditional probability and Bayes’ theorem;
      * binomial distribution;
      * normal distribution.

4.) Demonstrate facility with, and a solid conceptual understanding of, the key tools of statistical inference, including:
      * z-scores;
      * estimation of intervals;
      * testing hypotheses, including Type 1 and Type 2 errors.

5.) Calculate important statistical procedures, such as:
       * t-test;
       * linear regression.

6.) Analyze data:
      * graphically;
      * numerically;
      * inferentially.