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AMS 300, Writing (AND SPEAKING) in Applied Mathematics

Prerequisites:  WRT 102; AMS major; U3 or U4 standing; departmental permission

1 credit, S/U grading.  SBC: SPK, WRTD

Course Coordinator: Prof. Estie Arkin, Undergraduate Program Director, Math Tower, Room P134B


Course Materials for Spring 2021 (recommended only):
"Style, The Basics of Clarity and Grace" by Joseph M. Williams and Joseph Bizup, 5th edition, 2014, Pearson Publishing; ISBN: 9780321953308



Students may not need to take AMS 300 to satisfy the AMS major writing and speaking requirements if the writing and speaking requirements have already been satisfied (e.g., in another major, in your minor, etc.)

The technical writing requirement (WRTD) may also be satisfied by the following:

a) Writing a paper in an AMS or other quantitative course (such as AMS 318, AMS 333, or AMS 441)
b) Writing observations of classroom teaching for an MAE course
c) Technical writing as part of a job or research project (e.g., AMS 487)

In many cases, Undergraduate Teaching Practicum “AMS 475/476” (i.e., being an undergraduate TA) fulfills the speaking requirement (SPK); please check with the AMS Department.

If none of the above situations apply to you, you must satisfy the AMS major writing requirement (WRTD) and speaking requirement (SPK) by signing up for AMS 300 with the AMS undergraduate secretary.

AMS 300 Course Requirements:

All AMS 300 students must attend all scheduled class meetings.  There will be a meeting at the beginning of the semester to explain course requirements and expectations.

I. Writing: Students are expected to write three 3-page papers (or two 4-page papers) of a mathematical nature. The recommended source is one's class notes from AMS courses, on topics such as conditional probability (in AMS 310/311) or Hamiltonian circuits (in AMS 301).  The student should expand these discussions, writing in good English and  in their own words, with clear references to work cited.  The title page of each paper should include the writer's name/ID, Stony Brook email address, date, and title of the paper.  The first draft of the first paper must be submitted (in hard copy, to Cathy Arrighetta or Prof. Estie Arkin) by the end of week 6 of the semester.  Revised versions of the first two papers must be completed by the end of week 10 of the semester.  

In addition, each student will be required to attend the student presentation class meetings, and then to write two brief "reflections" on two of the other students' presentations. Each reflection should be 1-2 pages in length, clearly stating the writer's name/ID, the presenter's name, the topic, and a brief overview (one paragraph) of the subject being presented, stating what the presenter did well, and what the presenter could have done better.

II. Speaking:  During the second half of the semester, there will be a number of class meetings (as many as necessary), so that all students have an opportunity to give their oral presentations.  Each student will give a presentation of about 7-10 minutes in length at one of the class meetings.  Multiple presentations will be scheduled at each class meeting.

All final revisions of papers and reflections must be submitted by the last day of classes of the semester.

Grading Note: AMS 300 is an "S/U" graded course.

Helpful Hints:  Assistance with Proper English Usage (see  Proper English Usage)