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AMS 410, Actuarial Mathematics

Catalog Description: Reviews relevant mathematical topics in the context of risk assessment and insurance for the first actuarial examination.

PrerequisiteAMS 311 

3 credits

Textbook: ACTEX P/1 Study Manual, 2010 Edition, by Samuel A. Broverman, Ph.D., ASA
ISBN# 9781566987455

Actuarial Exam: The course is a review for the first actuarial exam, Exam P, of the  Society of Actuaries AMS 311 covers the material on Exam P in a traditional mathematical presentation of probability theory. AMS 410 revisits this material in the form of practice questions for Exam P. For more details about actuarial preparation at Stony Brook see  Actuarial Program 

This course has not been offered in recent years

1. General probability: 8 hours
2. Discrete distributions: 7 hours
3. Continuous distributions: 9 hours
4. Multivariate distributions and transformation: 9 hours
5. Risk management: 3 hours
6. Mid-Term Test and Review: 6 hours