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AMS 599, Research

Thesis research for Doctoral students who have not yet advanced to candidacy. Master's students may also enroll, but  must have approval from a faculty advisor before registering.

Prerequisite: *** Student must obtain consent from individual faculty advisor in order to register for AMS 599 under his/her section.***

1-12 credits, S/U grading; may be repeated for credit 

Text: No course text

Offered every Fall, Spring and Summer session

Please see section and corresponding advisor below:

T01: Ahn, Hongshik
T02: Arkin, Esther
T03: Chen, Xinyun
T04: Coutsias, Evangelos
T05: Deng, Yuefan
T06: Feinberg, Eugene
T07: Finch, Stephen
T08: Frey, Robert
T09: Glimm, James
T10: Green, David
T11: Harrison, Robert
T12: Hu, Jiaqiao
T13: Jiao, Xiangmin 
T14: Kuan, PeiFen
T15: Li, Xiaolin
T16: Liu, Zhenhua
T17: MacCarthy, Thomas
T18: Mitchell, Joseph
T19: Mullhaupt, Andrew
T20: Douady, Raphael
T21: Reuter, Matthew
T22: Rizzo, Robert
T23: Samulyak, Roman
T24: Tannenbaum, Alan
T25: Tucker, Alan
T26: Wu, Song
T27: Xing, Haipeng
T28: Zhu, Wei
T29: Dill, Ken
T30: Kozakov, Dima
T31: Colosqui, Carlos
T32: Hackney, Janice

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