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AMS 561 Introduction to Computational and Data Science

This course provides a foundation of knowledge and basic skills for the successful application in graduate research of modern techniques in computational and data science relevant to engineering, the humanities, and the physical, life and social sciences. It is consciously crafted to provide a rich, project-oriented, multidisciplinary experience that establishes a common vocabulary and skill set. Centered around the popular programming language Python, the course will serve as an introduction to programming including data structures, algorithms, numerical methods, basic concepts in computer architecture, and elements of object-oriented design.  Also introduced will be important concepts and tools associated with the analysis and management of data, both big and small, including basic statistical modeling in R, aspects of machine learning and data mining, data management, and visualization. No previous computing experience is assumed. Students are assumed to have taken some introductory courses in two of these three math subjects: linear algebra, calculus, and probability.
Anti-requisite:  AMS 595
Pre-requisite:  Requires departmental consent.

3 credits, ABCF grading 
May not be repeated for credit.

Offered in the Spring Semesters

Spring Course Material:
No textbook required


Learning Outcomes:  TBA