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AMS 533: Numerical Methods and Algorithms in Computational Biology
This class will survey many of the key techniques used in diverse aspects of computational biology. We will focus on how to successfully formulate a statement of the problem to be solved, and how that formulation can guide in selecting the most suitable computational approach. A set of problems from a diverse range of problems in biology will be used as examples. Note: Informatic methods for genomic analysis (such as data mining and analysis of nucleic acid and protein sequences) will not be covered. These topics are covered thoroughly in CSE 549.
3 credits, ABCF grading 

Text: Course handouts 

Spring Semester

AMS 533 Instructor page


Learning Outcomes:

1) Understand and be able to apply the process of translating a biological problem into an appropriate mathematical model. 

2) Have a broad understanding and facility with a wide range of numerical methods and algorithms used in solving problems in computational biology, and be able to choose an appropriate method to solve a given problem.

3) Be able to implement numerical solutions to biological problems in an appropriate programming environment.