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AMS 531, Laboratory Rotations in Computational Biology

This is a two-semester course in which first year Ph.D. students spend at least 8 weeks in each of three different laboratories actively participating in the research of participating Computational Biology faculty.  At the end of each rotation, students give a presentation of their lab activates and accomplishments.  The primary goal of rotations is to help students choose a research advisor and to help faculty members choose students.  Students register for AMS 531 in both the Fall and Spring semesters of the first year.

Offered in Fall and Spring semesters; 0-3 credits, S/U grading

As of Fall 2014, this course will be cross-listed with PHY 584


Learning Outcomes:

1) Learn how research is conducted at a "very high research" University.

2) Actively participate in research of three Computational Biology faculty.

3) Gain experience working as a part of a team.

4) Learn to use cutting edge research tools in Computational Biology.

5) Explore research projects that could lead to dissertation work.

6) Gain experience giving group-meeting presentations on lab activities and accomplishments.