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Faculty and Staff Giving

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Faculty/Staff Campaign?
It's about our personal gifts as members of the faculty and staff in support of Stony Brook University.

I already give to the University SEFA campaign. Does my SEFA gift count?
No. The funds raised for the SEFA campaign, although important to our community, do not contribute directly to the University. We are glad and grateful that you support SEFA, but we are asking you to support our students and our University directly.

Why should I give, and how much should I give?
We ask you to give because we believe that our University is worth investing in. Every gift is important to the success of our campaign. Our giving shows alumni, parents, and members of the community that a large percentage of our faculty and staff are ready to step forward and support our students and our programs beyond what they do in their official capacity.

What are my payment options?
You may give cash or by check, credit card, or payroll deduction. If you give by payroll deduction, the minimum is $2.00 per paycheck and payments will begin within two pay cycles of when you submit your request.

If I signed up for payroll deduction last year, will it automatically renew?
Yes. Payroll deduction continues at the amount set to the funds selected until you authorize the Stony Brook Foundation, by written notice or via email, to make any changes.