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Nuclear physics is at an exciting moment of growth. New discoveries at RHIC and Jefferson Lab, the construction of FRIB, the approval of the Electron Ion Collider, and the newly emerging interface with Quantum Information Science make it a great time to be a nuclear physicist. The Stony Brook Nuclear Theory group has been at the origin of many concepts and theories that drive  ongoing research. Examples include the quark-gluon plasma, its probes and hydrodynamical behavior, effective theories of QCD vacuum and hadronic structure, computations of the hadron structure functions in lattice gauge theory, chiral matter and chiral magnetic effect, holographic modeling of nonperturbative QCD dynamics, the role of entanglement at colliders, chaos in many-body systemts, and the digital quantum simulations of real-time chiral dynamics.

At present, our Center performs research along the following inter-connected directions:

1. Finite temperature QCD and heavy ion collisions at RHIC and LHC;

2. Non-perturbative QCD and the structure of nucleons and nuclei at the EIC;

3. Quantum information science and nuclear physics;

4. Cross-disciplinary connections of nuclear theory.

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