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Stony Brook University location:

If you want to come to Stony Brook by car, you will need a parking permit to park in any of the Faculty/Staff lots. Permits are given on a case by case basis. You can contact Socorro Delquaglio ( or Marlene Vera-Viteri ( for a permit.

There are also a few options for metered parking or the parking garage which charges by the hour and is located next to the administration building. Validation for parking in the parking garage is given in a case by case basis. You can contact Socorro or Marlene.

If you are staying at the Hilton Hotel on Campus, a parking permit is not needed as you have parking privileges at the hotel. The hotel is walking distance of the Physics Building.

Please have a look at this Stony Brook Parking Map:
 SBU Parking


All red areas are Faculty / Staff parking lots that you can use with a parking permit. The blue ellipses in the top left of the map mark the physics building and the closest Faculty / Staff parking lot. The orange areas mark the parking lots for metered parking. If you use the Faculty / Staff parking lot next to the physics building, please be aware that some of the spots there are actually metered parking (marked orange in the map above and by a number on the parking spot itself).

See the SBU parking website for more information on parking at Stony Brook University.


Brookhaven National Laboratory location:
Finding parking at BNL is easy. There is lots of parking available around the Physics building (the green arrow marks the main entracne to the building). All parking spots are free to use unless noted otherwise.

SBU Parking

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