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Our Partners

CELT collaborates with many offices across campus to support instructors and ultimately students with all of their teaching and learning needs.

Academic Integrity

The Academic Integrity Office  facilitates the process of reporting and appealing possible academic dishonesty and/or grievances against faculty or staff.

Academic Technology Support

Academic Technology Support offers services, training, and support for the technologies directly related to teaching and learning, such as Blackboard (learning management system), Echo 360 (lecture engagement tools), Digication (ePortfolios),  Turning Technologies (student response systems),  VoiceThread (narrated PowerPoints/multimedia discussion board), Zoom and Google Meet (web conferencing for guest lectures and office hours). 


Classroom Technology and Support Solutions

Classroom Technology & Support Solutions provides numerous services to enhance and facilitate classroom instruction. Service counters in the Javits Lecture Center (currently closed due to renovations), the Health Sciences Center, and Frey Hall each provide different aspects of support.


The Stony Brook University Libraries offer many services that can assist you in your teaching and learning needs such as  copyright, Open Educational Resources (OER), research guides, multimedia streaming services, and the Laptop Loan Program for Students.


The  Student Accessibility Support Center (SASC) assists students and employees with disabilities in accessing the many resources of the University. Individuals with visual, mobility and hearing impairment as well as those with hidden disabilities such as chronic medical conditions, psychological, and learning disabilities are invited to make use of the services and equipment available. Individuals with permanent or temporary disabilities are also encouraged to consult with SASC.

Student Success 

The Student Success website is designed to help direct students to some of the most important resources on campus to help them continue moving forward on their journey.  Connect with an academic advisor, find a mentor, get involved on campus, pursue an on or off campus job or internship, or learn how to mange your finances, this website offers students direction to the tools to be successful at Stony Brook.

Teaching Learning Lab

Stony Brook's Teaching Learning Lab offers a wide variety of services to help teach and assist in the creation of multimedia projects for the university's community.  

Instructors and teaching assistants are welcome to come brainstorm with the creative and technical staff and get help and additional input on anything from a PowerPoint presentation to professional quality video, web pages, illustrations or animations.

It's not always easy to figure out the best way to format media for a given purpose, or the different settings to apply to recording equipment when you intend to post a video to social media, YouTube, or a website. In the Teaching Learning Lab, students, faculty, and staff work side by side creating videos, applications, websites, and more. To find out where to get started, and get expert advice on all things technology, simply walk in, make an appointment, or   send an email  to the welcoming staff at the Teaching Learning Lab.

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