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Programs and Initiatives

Celebration of Teaching

With this event, CELT seeks to acknowledge the efforts of Stony Brook educators who use exceptional teaching practices, dispositions, and proficiencies. Moreover, these instructors demonstrate outstanding passion for teaching; personal concern for students; and a devotion to inspire and nurture a learning desire in their students.




For the second year in a row, CELT put out a call to students, to ask them if they wanted to give thanks to any educator that made a difference in their learning experience.  Thank you, to all the educators. 



National Distance Learning Week

NDLW is an annual celebration and exploration of distance learning during the month of November. 



Online Teaching Certificate (OTC) Courses

CELT offers the OTC multiple times a year with two options: OTC and  OTC Accelerated. These multi-week online courses will provide you with basic pedagogical, research-based practices specific to the online space and will assist you in planning instructional activities for your course.  We will not focus on how to use Blackboard, but rather how to best use technology to meet your pedagogical goals. These courses will be delivered asynchronously online with one optional synchronous session.

  • OTC: This is a 5-week asynchronous course. Plan on spending 3-4 hours per week with assignments due weekly. We suggest logging on 4 times/week during this course. 
  • OTC Accelerated: This is a condensed, 2 1/2-week version of the OTC. Plan on spending 6-7 hours weekly with assignments due every 2-3 days. We suggest logging in daily during the course. 

Review the OTC Syllabus  (subject to change)   |    Sign up for an upcoming workshop !





Visit us in person! 

Welcome to the Faculty Commons: A place faculty, Graduate TAs, and Post Docs can call home. 

Visit our upcoming events calendar to explore upcoming Faculty Commons Events. 

Equipped with modular and collaborative workspaces, brainstorming, and conferencing areas, the Faculty Commons is your space to meet up with colleagues, make new professional connections, share teaching ideas, or consult with one of our teaching and learning experts. 

CELT staff are here to help. These curriculum, pedagogy, and technology-savvy professionals are here to assist you with your teaching and learning needs. 

When you visit the Faculty Commons, join our Faculty Perks Club. Get a consultation from the CELT team in the Faculty Commons and earn your Faculty Perks! Come to the Faculty Commons to learn more. 

We look forward to seeing you. 

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