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Faculty Commons


Welcome to the Faculty Commons,

a place educators can call home.  Equipped with modular and collaborative workspaces, brainstorming, and conferencing areas, the Faculty Commons is your space to meet up with colleagues, make new professional connections, share teaching ideas, or consult with one of our teaching and learning experts. 

CELT staff are here to help. These curriculum, pedagogy, and technology-savvy professionals are here to assist you with your teaching and learning needs. 

Visit our events calendar below to explore upcoming Faculty Commons Events and meet up with CELT staff!

We look forward to seeing you!



Faculty Commons Events Calendar

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Visit CELT Staff in the Faculty Commons!

You can usually find us in the Commons during these times:  
Luis Colon, Instructional Designer Fri 9-11
Amie Cohen, Assistant Director for Faculty Development - Testing, Assessment & Evaluation Mon 9-11
Kristin Hall, Instructional Designer - Student Engagement & Success, Course Design Online & In-Person Tue 11-12
Jenny Zhang, Instructional Designer - Course Design Online & In-person, Integrating Technology  Wed 12-1
Kimberly Bell, Teaching Assistant Development Specialist - Graduate Student & Postdoc Teaching Development, related Assessment & Research Tue 3-4:15
Jinna Kim, Postdoctoral Associate - DEI Education Research  Tue 1-2
Yiren Kong, Postdoctoral Associate - Active Learning Classrooms and Educational Technology Research Wed 10-12
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