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Alumni Spotlight Series
Sep.27, Mon 8:00 pm

Product Design from Idea to Commercial Manufacturing

Stephanie Song ‘14
Stephanie graduated from the Chemical and Molecular Engineering (CME) program at SBU concentrating in Biomaterials with a minor in Business. Stephanie was a WISE program recipient and was involved in several organizations such as AIChE (VP and ChemE Car) and Society of Women Engineers (Secretary). Currently, Stephanie is a Quality Engineer at 3M responsible for design and product assurance. Stephanie will give an overview about the path from design to manufacturing, what happens after a product is launched, how is quality engineering as the unconventional role, and how to become more than what you are on paper.

  Message From the Chair 

Message from the Chair: Dilip Gersappe, Professor and Interim Chair

Dilip Gersappe
Chair, Department of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering