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Our Services

The psychological services provided at the KPC are based on cognitive-behavioral treatment models, which address the “here and now” and the problem thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that may be associated with your distress.  Our therapy is active and involves a collaborative effort and commitment between you and your therapist as you work towards measurable goals.

CBT-based interventions are available for a wide range of problems, as typically found in outpatient clinics.  Problems addressed include issues related to anxiety difficulties, adjustment problems, depression, grief, trauma, anger control problems, issues related to parenting, conduct issues with children, relationship and couple problems, sexual difficulties, occupational difficulties, academic problems including learning difficulties and ADHD, as well as issues related to personality.

In addition, at the KPC we have state-of-the art specialty clinics designed to address specific kinds of problems:

Anxiety Disorders 

Depressive Disorders 

Couple and Marital Relationships 

Children and Teens