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3rd Competitive Energy Systems Symposium

The 2022 Competitive Energy Systems Symposium (CESS22) is in-person in Honolulu, Hawaii! Join December 6-8.

This is your opportunity to share your expertise at the premier energy systems conference. Address the role of advanced transport, separations, reaction engineering, process, and systems science in the context of developing low-carbon energy carriers and the harnessing of renewable energy resources for meeting our commodity needs.

The conference strives to bring together thought leaders from industry and academia - the former to define key challenges in the deployment (a must) of Hydrogen-centric technologies & the latter to take on the long-term R&D issues to bring the cost of H2 production down to $1/kg by 2031 (DOE defined targeted cost reduction). The United States Department of Energy is leading the charge in structuring the “Hydrogen” initiative. The conference participants will drill down the details and discuss options that will be needed to move hydrogen into multiple commercial sectors.

Learn more, submit your abstract and register here

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