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A collaboration between Stony Brook University’s Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center (AERTC) and National Grid, I-GIT is a  consortium composed of academic and industry leaders working together to find clean and affordable solutions to meet the nation’s growing energy demands and challenges.  I-GIT is administered within AERTC, where it is housed with offices and state-of-the-art laboratories. Its expert team of researchers, educators and investigators are working closely with the clean-tech community to bring together business and government leaders, policymakers and researchers in developing innovative programs to deploy advanced energy technologies.


1. A transition to low-carbon technologies
 I- GIT will focus on hybrid fuel technologies through the introduction of various renewable sources, such as gas, hydrogen, fuel cell, geothermal and thermal heat.

2.  Gas technology gap analysis
 Preparing and maintaining a gap analysis will provide I-GIT opportunities to support environmental, societal and economic development goals.

3.  Workforce training
To meet future needs, I-GIT will use AERTC’s corporate training program and develop graduate certificate programs with member input.

4.  Becoming an international consortium
 I- GIT will build upon AERTC’s existing relationships with other countries, including China, Japan, Korea and the United Kingdom, to increase membership and establish a global advanced technologies exchange mechanism.

 5. Leveraging industry funding
 To help expand its funding base, I-GIT will work with state and federal agencies.

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