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About the Writing Research Lab

Founded in 2017, the Writing Research Lab (WRL) is one of the only research sites in the country dedicated to the study and improvement of connections among students’ writing classes, disciplinary coursework, and careers. Housed in Stony Brook University’s (SBU) Program in Writing and Rhetoric, WRL works with university, two-year college, and high school students and faculty, as well as with industry leaders, to connect students’ writing education to their upper-division classes and professional development. The Lab produces grant-funded research, presentations, and publications while fostering and assessing writing skills for all undergraduate majors; it also supports student retention and intellectual growth through improved writing instruction across disciplines, innovative research opportunities, and on- and off-campus partnerships. WRL furthermore promotes student success by providing advanced training and mentorship opportunities to SBU undergraduates and WRL Graduate Fellows in areas such as grant writing, data analysis, report writing, scholarly literature review, and research compliance.